I was tired very much find my true love nowadays….people getting more damn selfish than before, they’d only love themselves and LABELS. I have been spent a lot of my times for it but it useless and unworthy anymore. What people love isn’t LOVE, but LABELS ( MONEY, PRIDE and SEX ). And its such a glory to get LABELS and kind of trend setter for bunch of that fool people, they really worship LABELS to death….and LOVE goin to extinction right away. I was foolish by LABELS, now I’m not anymore. LABELS separating you with another people, you are so sparkling outside but emptiness fill inside your heart. Some people love you but a lot will kill you though….Now I take off those LABELS, and on my searching in the name of LOVE, someone who’ll love me as who I am, no matter where I came from, what I wear or ate and what I faith and believe in life… I’m moving forward not only with my brain but mostly came from my heart. A lot of people here said that brain is no.1,thats no.. no.. no.. for me.Brain is sins, cheat, liying, bad thought gather in one place. So listen through your heart and not your brain and you will understand & finally find out the secret of your own life. Heart is full of love, taking care each other, simpathy, sacrifice and never tell you a lie…. Brain only respect order from your heart, don’t be brain take over your heart…it will damn screw everything..but if you start your every single day with pure heart & bright smile, I bet that whole world is in your hands…listen to me and believe me… Love is not finding someone to live with; it’s finding someone whom you can’t live without. I am mix passion with pragmatism Key Traits: open, sensitive, balanced, empathetic, loyal, thoughtful Introspective and self-aware, I have a solid grip on My emotions. My friends and family consider me “the rock” they can turn to and lean on during tough times. Part of that trust comes from the fact that I always try My best to say what I mean and mean what I say. This is part of My healthy outlook on life, love and work. Hard work is important, but i remember to listen to My instinct when it tells me to take a step back and enjoy the quiet moments. There are certain things that I will always be passionate about, whether it’s a certain cuisine, a type of music, or a particular sport. On the flipside, there are also things that will never interest me. But that’s OK. I’m romantic partner appreciates my unwavering sensibility, my balanced temperament, and consistent signs of love and care. But im running with my time… And poetry will always be my reflection.
  1. ashes x says:

    …and I do miss U…

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